NSA Police Officer

NSA police officers secure NSA office buildings. They wear uniforms and carry firearms. In addition to law enforcement duties, NSA officers frequently participate in counterterrorist operations and administer weapons training to NSA employees. NSA officers perform other duties to fulfill the NSA's mission.

The following are typical duties of NSA police officers:

  • Provide security at NSA facilities and participate in counterterrorism operations
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access control
  • Protect NSA assets
  • Respond to medical and security emergencies
  • Enforce NSA laws to protect assets and buildings
  • Inspect NSA buildings and vehicles for potential security breaches
  • Organize incident management programs
  • Provide firearms training to NSA employees
  • Patrol NSA facilities

The NSA is constantly recruiting qualified people to work as NSA police officers at its Fort Meade, MD headquarters and various field offices. NSA police officers are considered some of the premier law enforcement specialists within the federal government. You can learn more about this position and apply directly at https://www.intelligencecareers.gov/nsa/.

To qualify for this position, you must be a high school graduate, hold an associate's degree at a minimum (many NSA police officers hold degrees in criminal justice), and possess military experience or work experience applicable to the duties of NSA police officers.

Applicants are also required to be at least 21 years of age, undergo a thorough background check, be physically fit, have 20/125 vision without correctional lenses at a minimum or 20/20 with corrective lenses, and hold a valid driver's license.

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