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Do you want to work for the Department of Homeland Security? It's not easy landing a job with this agency, but those who are hired enjoy satisfying and exciting careers. The Department of Homeland Security and agencies under its supervision protect the homeland against terrorism.

Homeland Security agents must be smart, well-versed on new technology, be able to analyze intelligence, and have excellent communication skills since various agencies must be notified of all threats. Homeland Security agents have very important responsibilities.

Various jobs are available for people interested in national security careers. Opportunities are available for people interested in port and airport security, presidential and diplomat protection, criminal investigation, and various other specialties. Every position has varying training and education qualifications. To meet the demand of people interested in homeland security careers, many colleges and universities now offer homeland security related degrees. Those interested in homeland security careers should become or remain physically fit and learn about laws pertaining to their preferred career.

Homeland Security employees receive excellent benefits, including health care and retirement benefits. The following is a list of the benefits provided to Homeland Security Agents:

  • Health insurance
  • 10 paid holidays every year
  • Time off for family sickness and personal reasons
  • Paid training
  • Reimbursement for certain transportation costs
  • Worker assistance programs
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible schedules
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employer provided fitness centers
  • Employer sponsored health promotion programs
  • Uniform stipends

More jobs with the Department of Homeland Security are now open, with job growth projected to rise. Homeland Security is recruiting experienced professionals, but understaffing has increased the availability of entry-level positions.

Qualified candidates typically hold bachelor's degrees in criminal justice or other fields related to homeland security. Homeland security careers are exciting and well-paying. Homeland security professionals enjoy periodic pay increases and numerous opportunities for career growth.

Open positions are typically filled by experienced and talented candidates. Individuals hired in entry-level positions can take advantage of tuition reimbursement assistance to obtain additional career training.

The Department of Homeland Security provides numerous opportunities for individuals with criminal justice backgrounds in many fields, including travel security, immigration, terrorism prevention and natural disaster response, and law enforcement.

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Mission Support Careers
Department of Homeland Security mission support careers are available in human resources, medicine, accounting, technology and science, procurement, agent training, intelligence, civil rights, fraud detection, and various other fields. Agents work in the following divisions:

  • Management Directorate
  • Office of the Secretary
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
  • Science and Technology Directorate
  • Executive Secretariat
  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
  • National Cybersecurity Center
  • Military Advisor's Office
  • Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  • National Protection and Programs Directorate
  • Office of Health Affairs
  • Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis
  • Office of the Inspector General
  • Office of Operations Coordination and Planning
  • Office of Legislative Affairs
  • Office of Public Affairs
  • Office of Policy
  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Recovery and Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast Region
  • Privacy Office

Law Enforcement Careers
Opportunities for Department of Homeland Security law enforcement jobs are available in presidential and diplomat protection, immigration control and border protection, infrastructure protection, interagency police training, and other specialties. Related opportunities are available with these agencies:

  • The Secret Service
  • The Border Patrol
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Federal Protective Service

Immigration and Travel Security Careers
Immigration and travel security agents are responsible for safeguarding the country's transportation infrastructure, supervising immigration control programs, and preventing terrorists and drug smugglers from crossing the border. Agencies that provide similar opportunities include:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Transportation Security Administration

Prevention and Response Careers
Prevention and response specialists are responsible for protecting citizens and property from terrorist attacks and responding to natural and other disasters. Agencies that provide similar opportunities include:

  • The Coast Guard
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

Learn more about homeland security careers and apply for open positions at http://www.dhs.gov/how-apply.

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