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The University of California--Berkely offers an undergraduate and graduate degree program in psychology. The psychology department at UC Berkeley focuses on 5 areas of research: Behavioral Neuroscience; Cognition, Brain, & Behavior; Clinical Science; Change, Plasticity & Development; and Social-Personality Psychology. The primary mission of the psychology programsat UC Berkeley is to develop students with methodological, statistical and critical thinking skills that can be applied across all branching of psychology.

The undergraduate psychology program offers an introduction to psychology. Topics addressed include personality psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, social psychology and research methods. Even though students develop a broad understanding of general psychology precepts and principles, they're also encouraged to focus their studies around a specific area of psychology.

Some of the objectives of the undergraduate psychology major are to help students develop an understanding of the concepts that define psychology; develop an understanding of the current issues and questions that psychology addresses; explore methods used to answer psychological questions; develop basic statistical analysis skills; develop testable hypothesis; interpret graphical data; learn the history of psychology; and develop an indepth understanding of one specific branch of psychology.

The main goal of the graduate psychology program at UC Berkeley is to produce graduates who are skilled researchers. The graduate program is divided into 5 topic specific departments. The psychology program includes a combination of courses, seminars and supervised research. Graduate psychology students are also encouraged to take non-psychology graduate courses in other fields of study to enrich their perspective and understanding.

Your can learn more about the psychology programs at University of California-Berkeley by contacting their psychology department using the information below.

Address: 3210 Tolman Hall #1650, Berkeley, CA 94720-1650
Admissions Phone: (510) 642-5292
Admissions E-mail: [email protected]
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