Retail Sales Degree

Retail and sales specialists answer questions and resolve customer concerns. They also monitor inventory, operate cash registers, and restock shelves. Retail managers are responsible for ordering products, managing employees, and ensuring administrative duties are properly conducted.

Although a college degree is typically not necessary to acquire an entry-level job in the retail industry, most retail companies only promote employees with degrees to management positions. Possible management positions one can get promoted to include purchasing manager, assistant manager, and supervisor positions. The skills and knowledge necessary to work in these positions can be acquired by completing a college degree program in retail and sales.

Students enrolled in college programs in retail and sales are usually required to complete courses in sales, management, marketing, and accounting. Students have the option of obtaining retail and sales degrees at the associate's, bachelor's, and graduate level.

Explore college degree programs in retail sales offered by accredited schools, available online or on campus.

Retail Sales Degree Programs

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