Real Estate Degrees

Selling or purchasing a house can be a very difficult process. For example, when a house is purchased, a buyer must negotiate a reasonable price, obtain insurance, make sure the house does not have structural problems, and fill out paperwork. The following professionals are usually a part of most real estate transactions:

  • Sales agents and real estate brokers - These specialists assist people interested in buying or selling real estate.
  • Real estate appraisers and assessors - These specialists determine the value of real estate.
  • Real estate inspectors - These specialists evaluate property to ensure it complies with codes, zoning ordinances, and is safe to inhabit.

The type of training required to become a licensed real estate agent depends on specialty. Every agent working in America is required to pass a test to become licensed. Although a license can be obtained with only a high school degree, most professional real estate companies prefer to hire college educated agents. Since certain transactions are very complicated, and all tax and zoning laws must be adhered to, real estate companies need employees familiar with these regulations. Real estate brokers perform similar duties; however, they usually run their own companies.

There are over one thousand schools that administer real estate associate's or bachelor's degree programs. Certain schools administer master's degree programs.

Companies that employ building inspectors usually prefer to hire inspectors who've successfully completed courses in drafting, construction technology, and home and building inspection. Many online colleges and universities offer these classes online.

Explore real estate degree programs available online or campus locations nationwide.

Real Estate Degree Programs

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