Public Relations Degree

Public relations professionals are responsible for conveying information to the general public. They are employed by hospitals, financial firms, government agencies, colleges, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Since unflattering or false information often affects an organization's image, public relations experts are responsible for clarifying false or misleading information.

These specialists relay information via press conferences, television, press releases, and online communications. They frequently prepare press releases and conduct television interviews. Often times, executives will hire public relations professionals to prepare press releases.

Since exceptional communication skills are vital for public relations professionals, students enrolled in college degree programs in public relations are required to complete courses in writing, journalism, public communication, marketing, and communication strategies.

Individuals who studied communication, advertising, journalism, and public relations during college often find entry-level jobs in this industry. However, most companies prefer to hire public relations specialists that have specialized knowledge. For example, a company that specializes in manufacturing would prefer to hire a specialist that is knowledgeable about manufacturing. Students considering a public relations college degree program are encouraged to select elective classes that relate to the industry they intend to work in.

Explore public relations college degree programs offered by accredited schools available online or on campus.

Public Relations Degree Programs

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