Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Orientation and mobility specialists assist individuals with vision problems live and work independently. They show their clients how to utilize their remaining vision and walk around with tools designed to help the visually impaired be aware of immediate surroundings. In addition to living independently, orientation and mobility specialists teach their clients how to enjoy a high quality of life in spite of their disability.

Education and Training

You must obtain a degree to begin a career as an orientation and mobility specialist. If you do not want to spend years in schools and accumulate a lot of debt, it’s advisable to complete a 2 year orientation and mobility specialist training program. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer these programs. During these programs, students take classes in sociology, psychology, physiology, and various other subjects, and learn specialized skills related to this profession. During the last year in these programs, students develop specialized skills by completing extensive classroom and hands-on learning. If this career interests you, select a program that is recognized by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP).

Those interested in this field can also earn a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis placed on educating people with visual problems. These training programs are typically recognized by the ACVREP. In fact, the ACVREP encourages aspiring orientation and mobility specialists to obtain these types of bachelor’s degrees to qualify for a master’s degree program. If you hold a master’s degree, you’ll enjoy better job opportunities and probably earn a higher annual salary.

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