The Growing Field of Healthcare

Getting a job during economic downturns can be very difficult. Even when gainfully employed, it can be difficult to advance your career in a down economy. In many industries, career opportunities have become limited, but each year more and more opportunities are being made available in the medical and healthcare industries.

Healthcare is one of the highest growth industries in the entire world. It’s divided into several sectors, including the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, services, and healthcare equipment. Professionals employed in these sectors work together to provide medical care to people worldwide. They're also responsible for developing new technology and medical procedures to enhance health. Because the healthcare industry is so diverse, hundreds of thousands of professionals seek job opportunities in this industry every year. As healthcare continues to expand in the United States, there will be more need for employees for many years to come.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 14.3 million people are employed in the healthcare industry, and it’s projected that 3.2 million new healthcare related jobs will be created over the next 8 years. In addition to being the overall fasting growing field, the 20 fastest growing professions in America are also in the healthcare industry. Individuals holding bachelor’s degrees, or even an associate’s degree, will possess the skills and knowledge needed to launch a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Over $200 billion of revenue was generated last year in healthcare revenues in the United States alone. Investment in healthcare across the world has made it more accessible to more people than ever before. New medical facilities, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors’ offices, and ambulatory healthcare services are being built and an every growing rate, and global healthcare revenue continues to increase.

Many people are drawn to the healthcare industry because of the generous employee benefits. Healthcare workers typically receive better healthcare benefits than workers in other industries, and they enjoy a high level of job security. For professionals in most other industries, there is little, if any job security. While healthcare workers often just change jobs, companies or even careers when they move to a new location, the medical industry is so large and diverse that healthcare professionals can tranfer or find employment anywhere in the country.

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