Operations Management Degree

Every company that designs and manufactures products depends on operations managers to ensure production operations are conducted safely and efficiency. These specialists are responsible for planning, implementing, and supervising manufacturing operations. They must also ensure projects are completed on budget and schedule without sacrificing quality. They are also frequently required to collaborate with various types of managers. Operations managers must also be effective organizers with the ability to supervise multiple projects simultaneously.

Since manufacturing processes usually differ in each industry, aspiring operations managers can enroll in various types of training program. However, most companies seek potential managers with college degrees. Most students enrolled in operations management college degree programs are required to complete courses in business management, finance, accounting, customer relations, and supply chain and production management. Since skills developed in operations management programs are often applied in other industries, graduates can pursue various career paths. Aspiring operations managers interested in executive or similar level management positions can enhance their chances of receiving such a promotion by obtaining a graduate degree in operations management or a related field.

Explore degree and certification programs in supply chain and operations management available online and at various campus locations nationwide.

Operations Management Degree Programs

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