Marketing & Advertising Degrees

Since all companies are always competing for existing and new customers, it's not surprising that most companies place major emphasis on marketing. Even companies that are household names invest heavily in marketing. Because of the importance placed on marketing, job growth for advertising and marketing specialists is expected to increase at a significant rate. The skills necessary to succeed in the marketing industry can be acquired through a college degree program in marketing and advertising.

Even though jobs in marketing can be acquired in various ways, most marketing firms prefer to hire applicants with at least an associate's degree. These firms prefer candidates with college degrees since skills from various fields, such as technology, statistics, graphic design, psychology, and business, are all utilized in marketing. Aspiring marketing specialists desiring better job opportunities should obtain a bachelor's or graduate degree.

Individuals aspiring to work in management positions improve their job opportunities by obtaining a master's degree. Most master's degree programs acquaint students with international marketing, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, mass communication, brand management, economics, and business administration. Since online marketing is an emerging field in the marketing industry, classes in online marketing are available in most college programs.

Explore college degree programs in marketing and advertising administered by accredited campus-based and online colleges.

Marketing & Advertising Degree Programs

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