Insurance & Risk Management Degree

Most people purchase insurance products during their lifetimes. In fact, insurance companies are a large portion of the American economy. Insurance companies rely on risk management specialists to evaluate risks and make other important decisions. When evaluating risks, they must determine whether offering an insurance product to an individual or organization poses major financial risks to the company. During this process, they review risk factors, the probability that problems will arise, and what can be done to mitigate potential risks.

Many experts in risk management find jobs as actuaries, insurance providers, and financial analysts. Additionally, risk management specialists find jobs as insurance salespeople.

Most organizations that recruit risk management specialists prefer to hire graduates of risk management degree or certification programs. In addition to jobs with insurance companies, many risk management specialists obtain employment with companies with accounting, risk management, and loss prevention departments.

Explore online certification and degree programs in risk management offered by accredited schools.

Risk Management & Insurance Degree Programs

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