Graphic Designer

Graphic designers, also known as graphic artists, create graphic visual aids. Graphic designers develop graphic designs for newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications. They also develop graphics for marketing campaigns public service announcements for governments. Many graphic designers develop graphics for websites. Graphic designers also develop graphics for television programs and movies, including the ending credits at the end of a movie.

Graphic designers must first determine what their clients want. Designers gather information by meeting with clients and conducting their own research. Graphic designers must have effective communication skills to determine their clients' objectives.

Graphic designers prepare layouts with hand drawn sketches or by using computers. They determine all the visual elements for the design as well as the size of graphics. In addition to graphics, designers create graphs and charts for magazines and journals. After they have completed a project, they submit their work for approval. They also may select the ink and type of paper their work will be published on, as well as provide quality assurance.

Graphic designers use specialized computer software to design layouts and other graphics.

Graphic designers sometimes supervise staff members. Designers running their own firms spend a lot of time finding new clients, selecting equipment, ordering supplies, managing their businesses, and updating computer and communication systems.

Work environment. Graphic designers work for large advertising, publishing, or design firms and usually work in comfortable offices. Freelance graphic designers or those working for small firms must be flexible to meet their clients' deadlines and usually worker long hours.

Designers spend their time in their own studio or their clients' offices. Freelance designers are under pressure to satisfy their customers and find new ones to maintain a consistent income. All designers will experience frustration since some of their work will be rejected. Graphic designers will sometimes work evenings or weekends to meet deadlines, especially in the printing and publishing industries since deadlines are usually set on short notice.

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