Forensic Accounting Degree

Forensic accountants are responsible for investigating financial crimes. They utilize various types of accounting and auditing procedures and state of the art technology to complete investigative work, determine where large sums of money are being laundered, and assist people settling contract disputes. Likewise, they are frequently required to testify at court trials.

Massive corporate fraud and government regulatory action in response to it has increased job opportunities for forensic accountants. To abide by new regulations, companies hire forensic accountants to ensure they're in compliance.

Likewise, since more companies are concerned about fraud, scams, and embezzlement, demand for qualified forensic accountants will be on the rise. Accounting firms usually hire forensic accountants to handle cases involving fraud and insurance and injury claims. Government agencies, law enforcement agencies, banks and brokerage firms, insurance companies, and audit committees also employ forensic accountants.

Since more companies rely on technology to conduct accounting and complete financial transactions, demand for forensic accountants with a specialty in network security and information technology will increase. In fact, a recent survey of accounting professionals discovered that they considered skills relating to information technology to be very important. Most accounting degree programs include instruction relating to information technology. Accountants with technical skills should enjoy better job opportunities than their colleagues without these skills.

Explore degree programs in forensic accounting offered by accredited educational institutions that can be completed online.

Forensic Accounting Degree Programs

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