Floral Designer

Floral designers cut and prepare flowers to be sold in stores. They arrange flowers into bouquets, wreaths, and corsages for funerals, weddings, proms, and other celebrations or special events. Some floral designers include toys, balloons, and other items as part of their floral arrangements.

Most floral designers work for independent floral shops that customize their products for their clients. They often meet with clients to get all their specific requests. Floral designers will set up floral displays at some special events. Floral designers often collaborate with interior designers to decorate homes and other buildings.

Florists also work in grocery store floral departments or for internet companies that sell predesigned floral arrangements. Florists working for grocery stores usually do not meet with clients or create custom orders.

Florists employed by wholesale flower distributors determine the flowers to be sold to retail florists and displayed for customers in these stores. Florists running their own shops must perform all the duties of a florist in addition to running a business. They may also organize workshops for amateur gardeners or others with interest in flowers.

Work environment. Most floral designers work in comfortable indoor setting but sometimes work outside. Florists occasionally deliver flowers and travel to funerals or weddings to set up floral arrangements.

Florists must communicate effectively with customers since they are often asked to complete last minute orders, and since flowers are perishable, orders are usually received just prior to an event and sometimes florists work long hours preparing for special events.

Floral designers can suffer from muscle strain and back pain from standing for long periods of time and carrying heavy floral arrangements. Those with allergies might not be able to handle certain flowers. Florists also use scissors and knifes, so it is possible to be cut if one is not careful.

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