Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre

Located in a small town in Northern California called Blue Lake, near Arcata and Eureka is Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Programs offered here include: Summer Workshops, a three-year, fully accredited Master’s of Fine Arts in Physical Theatre (Ensemble Based) as well as a one-year Professional Training Program and a Study-abroad program over in Bali.

The skills learned at Dell-Arte are meant for a creator/actor. Some of these skills will include devised theatre, acting, movement and other physical skills and voice, to name a few. Emphasis is put on learning commedia dell’arte, clown, mask and tragedy. The Dell’Arte Company was established here and is known the world over for their different, unique style. The Mad River Festival (or the “Grand Comedy Festival of Qual-a-wa-loo” as it was formerly known) has been hosted at Dell’Arte since the early 1990’s. It runs congruently with the Summer Workshops and draws interested parties from all over the world.

Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre offers various full-time and part-time training programs. These include the following:

Full-Time Training
The MFA in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre (MFA) is a 3-year acting program designed for experienced acting students who are committed to a path of physically dynamic, ensemble-driven theater making. Students interested in applying to this program must subit an application and perform an audition.

The Professional Training Program (PTP) is a 1-year program for beginning students who are very interested in actor-created theater making. Entry into this program requires that candidates submit both an application and video audition. Upon completion of this program, PTP student may apply for entry into the 2nd year of the MFA program.

The Advanced Ensemble Program (AEP) is a 2-year (non-degree) program which follows the 2nd and 3rd years of the MFA in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre program. This program is designed for exceptional students who have completed the PTP program but do not yet have an undergraduate degree in acting. Students to this program are admitted based on the merits of their application.

Part-Time Training
Dell'Arte International provides a part-time Summer Workshop that is 1-4 weeks in length composed of various intensive training workshops taught by the schools core faculty. Workshop topics vary from year to year and are determined by the core faculty. Candidate to the summer workshop program must submit an application.

Dell'Arte International offers a four-week Study Abroad program in Bali, which focuses on traditional Balinese performing arts, dance and crafts. This program is open to all students who are interested in learning about Balinese culture and have a love for the performing arts.

Residences offered at Dell'Art include workshops, master classes and acting performances that can last from just a few days to several weeks. Observerships are also offered to graduate students and other teaching professionals, on a case by case basis.

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