Customer Service Management Degree

Customer service specialists are responsible for representing their companies and answering any questions or resolving any concerns clients, potential customers, or the general public may have about their companies. They must be skilled communicators, mediators, and have a thorough knowledge about their companies' products, services, and policies. Customer service managers manage other customer service specialists as well as the customer service process.

Many accredited colleges and universities offer degree programs in customer service management. Students enrolled in these programs will be required to complete courses in business, customer service, and various other subjects related to customer service and manage. Students have the option of completing an associate's, bachelor's, or certification program. After graduating, customer service specialists and managers can find jobs with manufacturing firms, telecommunications companies, retailers, banks, insurance companies, and many other types of businesses. Depending on the type of company that hires them, customer service specialists have varying responsibilities. Some are responsible for answering questions over the phone, while others meet one-on-one with clients with questions or concerns. Many people begin their careers as customer service representatives but eventually receive management promotions into the position of customer service manager.

Explore degree and certification programs in customer service management administered by accredited educational institutions that can be completed online or on campus.

Customer Service Management Degree Programs

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