Interested in Everything? Can't Choose a Career?

Career indecision isn't an uncommon phenomenon. People often entertain various career options before settling on one specific career. In fact, some people will jump in and out of several careers before they finally find a career the meets all their needs. A healthy dose of indecision is a good thing. Selecting a career is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. In large part, your career will dictate where you live, what type of lifestyle you'll have, how much money you'll make, and the people you'll associate with. Deciding which career to pursue also involves quite a bit of self assessment and self exploration. A career often allows us to pursue our interests -- which may change over time. It is not uncommon for someone to be interested in history at one time in their life and then suddenly develop an interest in economics.

However, constant indecision is not health and can have a paralyzing effect on a person's career and life. Some people find they have so many competing interests it becomes almost impossible to make any type of "final" decision relating to a career. Those struggling with indecision can consult with career counselors for some guidance. Those who feel overwhelmed with their numerous interests often do not develop a plan for locating the right career.

The following steps can help those with many interests begin to develop a solid career plan:

  • Stay Calm And Don't Fret: Yes, choosing a career is one of most important decisions you'll make, but it isn't a decision that will make or break the rest of your life. As we previously mentioned, many people will try out several careers before they find the one that meets all their needs. Don't get caught up in thinking that whichever career you choose now will dictate the rest of life. It won't. You can always change careers down the road.

  • Rule Out What You Clearly Don't Like: Even though you may have many interests, there are clearly things that really do not interest you. Take time to determine what really interests and bores you, but be sure not to rule out career interests you are still unsure of. Just make sure to eliminate anything you have no interest in.

  • Prioritize What You Want to Explore Further: After determining the career options that you have no interest in pursuing, take some time to now consider what career possibilities are well-suited to your interests and talents. This will enable you to further narrow your options.

  • Start Exploring: Once your list is narrowed, it is now time to explore these potential careers and start down the path of finding your future career. Although it seems obvious, you can't find out whether you like something without trying it.

    If you are still unsure of what career to pursue after this process, meet with a career counselor for some assistance determining which careers best match your interests and talents. You can also arrange an internship, conduct research, or meet with someone working in a career you're considering.

  • Use What You've Learned to Reprioritize and Eliminate: After developing a better understanding of your interests, your list will probably become narrower. You still might not have made a final decision, but you will be a step closer to your goal.

Finding the right career is a difficult process requiring patience. Those exercising patience and taking initiative will find rewarding careers.

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