American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (or AADA) has two locations. Students can attend this performing arts school in either Manhattan, New York or Hollywood, California.

AADA is a two-year school. Based on their first year performance, students may or may not be invited back for a second year. At the end of the second year, auditions will be held for a third year company as well. Students are able to study theatre, film and television through AADA. The programs offered at the academy are designed to teach students individuality, discipline and self-discovery. Students graduating from the Los Angeles campus will receive an Associate of Arts degree in Acting or a Certificate of Completion. Graduates from the New York campus receive an Associate of Occupational Studies degree. Students from both campuses are able to move on to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from certain universities.

Successful graduates from AADA have received Emmys, Oscars and Tony awards for their work.

The AADA's Professional Training Program now offers a more comprehensive curriculum that offers students increased hours and seminars which explore the business side of the acting profession - important information for students seeking career opportunities in acting upon graduation. Topics covered in the training program include:

  • Acting
  • Acting Styles
  • Voice & Speech
  • Vocal Production
  • Movement
  • Theatre History
  • Stage Combat/Fencing
  • Speech Practicum
  • Career Preparation
  • Camera Technique
  • Improvisation/Physical Acting
  • Alexander Technique
  • Makeup
  • Mask
  • Period Movement & Dance
  • Shakespeare
  • Stage Dialects

Performance Opportunities
Students at AADA will have several performance opportunities. These include examination plays which take place during the first year, as well as various productions during their second year. Students are graded based on their ability to take on increasingly challenging roles throughout the program.

Admission to the Second Year Program
Students must be invited to the attend the second year program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Each first year student is evaluated by faculty and administration to determine their eligibility for continuing on to the second year.

Internship Opportunities
AADA-Los Angeles offers second-year students and Academy Company members unpaid intership and volunteer opportunities. Interships provide participants valuable opportunities to participate in the industry and rub shoulders with important players. Most internships last about one semester and some even provide academic credit. To apply for an intership students must submit a cover letter with resume, as well as a letter of recommendation from the Directory of Instruction at AADA.

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