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When people consider job opportunities in aviation, or in the airline industry in general, they usually think of the typical jobs that someone would consider such as pilot, flight operator, or attendant. However, the job opportunities in aviation are as vast and varied as they are for any large industry. Interested in a marketing job? How about job in finance? Or maybe food services? These jobs, and many more, are available for those interested in working in the airline and aviation industry. And of course, if you want to work on the aviation side of things, you can seek job opportunities as a pilot, flight attendant, airport operator, dispatcher, or a technician, to name just a few.

Aviation Job Outlook and Prospects
There is always demand in the aviation and airline industry for qualified applicants. It isn't that there is a shortage of people to fill job openings, there's a shortage of QUALIFIED people to fill job openings. For those who dream to fly or fix airplanes, the future is and job outlook is very bright. For those who just want to find a support position within the industry, opportunities abound.

So what's driving job growth and demand in the aviation and airline industry? Predicted shortages. These shortages are being created by two things: (1) layoffs, furloughs, and benefit cuts and (2) global growth in aviation. Ongoing layoffs and furlough have specifically lead to much few men and women choosing to pursue a careers as pilots, aviation mechanics and airline operators. The decrease number of new trainees in the pipline combined with a growing global aviation industry is why many experts predict labor shortages down the road, which will lead to increase demand within the industry for qualified professionals.

Some industry experts also predict that labor shortages combined with growing industry profits will be a catalyst for companies to start offering more attractive pay and benefits in the near future, and down the road.

Airline and Commercial Pilot Career Quick Facts
Median Pay (2012) $98,400 per year ($27/hr)
Entry-Level Education Requirements Bachelor's Degree/ATP Certificate/Pilots License
On-the-job Training Required Moderate-term on-the-job training
Number of Jobs Nationwide (2012) 104,100
Projected Job Growth (2012-22) Litte or no change
Employment Change (2012-22) none
Aircraft and Avionics Mechananics Career Quick Facts
Median Pay (2012) $55,300 per year ($27/hr)
Entry-Level Education Requirements Technical Training
On-the-job Training Required None
Number of Jobs Nationwide (2012) 138,900
Projected Job Growth (2012-22) 2% (stable)
Employment Change (2012-22) 3,500
Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

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