Acquisitions & Contract Management Degree

Contract and acquisitions managers are responsible for acquiring supplies. They are commonly referred to as buyers or purchasing agents. Buyers are responsible for acquiring products that will be resold on the market, which includes clothes and other consumer goods. Purchasing agents are responsible for purchasing supplies, which could include raw materials, essential for business or manufacturing operations.

Those responsible for purchasing products and supplies must ensure they never exceed budgets or purchase goods that place their companies into excessive debt. However, while searching for reasonably priced products, they must not sacrifice quality. Acquisitions and contract managers are also responsible for recognizing and monitoring market trends, contacting potential vendors, and managing inventories. They must also understand economics and business fundamentals. Those with college degrees will have the best job opportunities.

Explore acquisitions and contract management college degree programs offered by accredited schools that can be completed online on on campus.

Acquisition & Contract Management Degree Programs

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