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Resume Writing Tips and Resources

It can be difficult preparing a good resume. There are many important details to focus on. For example, you will need to select a format, appropriate work experience to include, and information about professional accomplishments. One of the most important features of your resume will be your work experience. You will need to determine what work experience to list and your achievements or talents developed at each organization in usually only one page. For job seekers with little work experience, preparing a resume can be challenging.

Our editorial staff has found the following websites to help you prepare an effective resume.

  • | How To Write A Masterpiece of a Resume - offers strategies for preparing a resume resembling one written by an expert. The site provides example resumes, format options, and strategies for preparing the objective and other essential sections of a professional looking resume.

  • - this site will answer basic questions you may have about preparing a resume. Questions may include what type of format should I select? How much information about work experience should I include? And other important questions you may have.

  • 15 Tips for Writing Winning Resumes - this brief article will highlight 15 tips for preparing an effective resume - provided by

  • - this site provides job seekers a collection of articles providing helpful ideas on preparing resumes and cover letters. This site can be helpful for people preparing their first resume or those with a lot of resume preparation experience.

  • Tips on Resume Writing, Interview Skills, and Job Hunting Techniques - a very helpful resource prepared by professionals at Montana State University.

  • 10 Resume Mistakes - sponsored by - provides a thorough analysis of the 10 most common errors found on poor resumes.

  • Resume Tutor - this online resume preparation resource is provided by the University of Minnesota's Career Enrichment and Placement Center.

  • The Basics of A Dynamic Cover Letter - this site contains a small section from the third edition of the famous cover letter book. This particular section provides details about the three types of cover letters.

  • Cover Letter Checklist - while organizing or editing your cover letter, be sure to follow this helpful checklist.

  • 20 Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid - this site highlights mistakes to avoid while preparing cover letters.

  • Internet Friendly Resumes - according to a recent survey, nearly 50 percent of executives claimed their companies preferred receiving resumes in e-mails. This link provides tips for developing "emailable" resumes.

  • Electronic Resume Tips - in this link, job seekers can find 12 tips for developing scanner-friendly electronic resumes.

  • Should You Consider a Functional Resume? - those preparing their first resume or updating an older one should think about preparing a functional resume. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a functional resume.