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Rehabilitation Counselor

Not only do disabled individuals struggle with physical stress, they must also cope with the emotional trauma accompanying their disability. People who unexpectedly become disabled often struggle, or need assistance performing routine daily tasks. Many are unable to go back to work after becoming disabled.

Rehabilitation counselors work exclusively with people recuperating from serious injuries or those struggling with permanent disabilities. They often organize rehabilitation or disability management programs for their clients to follow. They also provide treatment to those who have a difficult time coping with their disability. Those taking time off from work to recover after an injury often meet with counselors while recuperating.

Rehabilitation counselors are responsible for determining what activities a disabled person can participate in. No matter the extent of one's disability, rehabilitation counselors focus on helping their patients remain positive. Those who can remain optimistic will have a better quality of life and be more able to recover if their injuries are not permanent.

The primary responsibility of rehabilitation counselors is to empower the disabled to be independent. This is crucial for people with disabilities because if individuals can live independently, future problems can be avoided. To illustrate, if a disabled person can move around and travel without assistance, he or she can interact more regularly with friends, family, and members of the community, which can prevent loneliness.

Rehabilitation counselors help many frustrated people trying their best to live normal lives in spite of their disabilities. Disabled individuals who do not feel powerless can live happy lives. Working as a rehabilitation counselor is a great career for people wanting to assist others.