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Professional Assocations

Networking with other professionals is an effective strategy for finding a good job. Job seekers wanting to become acquainted with professionals in specific industries can join or contact professional organizations and associations since nearly 70% of professionals working in the United States are members of these groups. Networking is very crucial since most job openings are never posted.

We encourage those beginning their job search or seeking a new career to check out the following resources.

 Professional Associations by Industry
 Professional Association Websites
  • Directory of Associations - this site offers an index with numerous professional associations and organizations. This could be considered one of the most comprehensive indexes of professional organizations ever complied.

  • American Society of Association Executives - this site enables users to narrow their search for more than 6,000 associations by name, industry type, and region.

  • Associations on the Net - this directory of professional associations organized by industry is provided by the Internet Public Library.

  • Chamber of Commerce Directory - this service enables users to narrow a search for specific chambers of commerce by city and region. Since the majority of chambers of commerce list their members, small businesses and other businesses in the region, this service is very helpful for those seeking employment in a specific region.