Career and Job Search Guide

Missouri Job and Career Search Resources

Find your next job in Missouri. This page provides a directory of top Missouri job search guides, career websites and employment resources.

  • Missouri Educational Job Listings - this site contains educational job postings. It is maintained by the University of Missouri's College of Education.
  • Federal Jobs in Missouri - this site contains information about federal jobs available in Missouri. Users can register to be notified of new job opportunities by e-mail. It costs money to use some services on this site.
  • Missouri Labor Links - contains links to job sites.
  • Pride Personnel - this staffing agency helps people find telemarketing, data entry, customer service, and office jobs.
  • Missouri-UniversityWork - contains information about jobs at universities and colleges around the state.
  • Great Hires - this site contains employment and training resources. It enables users to search for jobs, learn more about state's economy, and locate federal and veterans programs.
  • Missouri Teaching Jobs - this site contains educational job listings throughout Missouri.