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Medical Social Worker

People with disabilities and those recuperating from serious injuries often struggle with emotional distress. This can hamper their recovery and improvement. Because of this problem, medical social workers are available to assist injured or disabled individuals.

Medical social workers also work with families of disabled or seriously injured people struggling emotionally. They also make arrangements for their clients to receive additional medical care when necessary.

Before medical social workers can assist their clients, they must first have an accurate picture of their emotional and mental state. This is especially important if their clients are being released after receiving prolonged medical treatment at a hospital or other facility. For example, a mentally disabled individual recovering from a serious accident will need medical assistance at home. These services would be arranged by medical social workers. In many cases, they must also provide care instructions for family members or other care providers. They also explain to family members what to expect during the recovery stages.

Once a client returns home after receiving medical care, they are also responsible to ensure the client is situated in a positive environment conducive to recovery. The social worker must also do their best to monitor the home environment for physical and drug abuse. If abuse is prevalent in the house, the social worker is responsible for organizing other living arrangements.

Medical clinics, rehab facilities, and hospitals employ medical social workers. Since most medical social workers are employed in medical settings, they frequently meet with doctors and other medical specialists. For this reason, people interested in this career must have effective communication and analytical skills. To begin down the path of a medical social work career, it is recommended to complete a college nursing or social work program. Above all, people interested in medical social work must be patient and empathetic.