Career and Job Search Guide

Maryland Job and Career Search Resources

Find your next job in Maryland. This page provides a directory of top Maryland job search guides, career websites and employment resources.

 General Maryland Job Resources
  • Hi-Tek Professionals - this Maryland recruitment firm helps place contractors for defense, marine, and aerospace companies.
  • Loving Care Services - this employment firm helps healthcare professionals find jobs in Baltimore. There are also career services and job postings on this site.
  • Steadystaff, LLC - this agency helps people find industrial, administrative, and accounting positions. Career information and job applications can be found on this site.
  • Humphrey Hospitality Jobs - this site provides information about careers from a hotel property management company.
  • Directory of Government Personnel Offices - this site contains posted state jobs.
  • AdNet/AccountNet, Inc. - this site is designed to assist administrative, finance, and accounting specialists locate jobs in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. metro area. There are also a variety of career resources on this site.
  • Allines Placement Firm - this staffing agency assists people looking for temporary and permanent jobs in Maryland. It is a particularly good place for people seeking industrial, accounting, and finance jobs.
  • Maryland's CareerNet - this site provides employment information about the state of Maryland.
  • Montgomery Works - this site provides information about jobs in Montgomery County, MD.
  • Pharmacy Staffing and Employment - Advocate Rx Solutions is a staffing agency that helps people find health care related jobs.
  • MarylandDentalJobs.Com - this site contains information about dental jobs in Baltimore. It includes resources to locate and apply for specific jobs.
 Baltimore, Maryland Jobs
  • GenesisJobs, Inc. - this collection of non-profit groups assist unemployed people living in Baltimore to locate entry-level jobs in the metropolitan area. This site contains details about its services and provides information to contact them.
  • Mayor's Office of Employment Development - organizes and supervises workforce development projects to improve the local economy. Users can find news and information about services on this site.
  • Technical - this recruiting firm places technical and IT experts in permanent and temporary jobs.
  • TMG Services, Inc. - this staffing agency works with people to find temporary and permanent jobs. Users can fill out applications on this site.
  • MRI Sales Consultants of Baltimore City - this is marketing and sales agency. Users can learn about job opportunities on this site.
  • Swift Staffing - this staffing agency helps human resources, clerical, accounting, and IT professionals find jobs in Baltimore. Users can also find more information about companies, services provided by the agency, and available jobs on this site.
 Bethesda, Maryland Jobs
  • Brubach Enterprises, Inc. - this site contains information about journalism, public affairs, and similar jobs.
  • Elite Personnel - this staffing agency assists people seeking technical and administrative jobs in Washington D.C. Users can learn more about companies that are hiring and find jobs listings.
 Frederick, Maryland Jobs
  • Frederick Works - this site contains information about job opportunities in Frederick County. It also provides users with career resources, workforce assistance, and details about the local economy and training opportunities.
  • Jeanne Bussard Center - this organization specializes in assisting people with disabilities. It provides rehabilitation services and training opportunities. This site contains details about available services, job opportunities, and rehabilitation programs.
  • Job Training Agency (JTA) Workforce Development Center - this site contains valuable information for people making career transitions and youth seeking job assistance. Users can learn more about the Workforce Development Board, upcoming seminars, and tips for finding jobs.