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Marriage and Family Therapist

Most married couples and families struggle with various problems. In some cases, if problems are not resolved, it often leads to divorces and severely strained family relationships. Marriage and family therapists work with married couples and families to resolve problems before relationship differences become irreconcilable.

Marriage and family therapists spend a considerable amount of time working with families following a divorce. This is primarily due to the fact that children usually struggle to cope after their parents get a divorce. The therapist attempts to assist children cope with their grief and adjust well to the change.

Marriage and family therapists are always getting their clients to work towards goals and find solutions to their relationship problems. This differs from some fields of counseling where counselors devote more time to discovering underlying issues related to mental health. Marriage and family therapists are more interested in solutions and behavior modification.

Marriage and family therapists often resolve problems by creating an environment where family members are free to discuss their concerns and frustrations during counseling sessions. In fact, most people who meet with family therapists report that improvements are made in their relationships after voicing their frustrations.

Marriage and family therapists utilize therapy, open communication, and solution oriented counseling to improve family relationships. Those interested in improving family relationships should consider entering the field of marriage and family therapy.