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Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor

Half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. This is alarming to many people, and as a result, many couples are working with counselors to improve their marriages. Marriage and family counselors receive specialized training to better assist struggling couples and families.

Another alarming fact is divorce rates for people who remarry is higher than 50%. This shows that people often carry bad habits over from previous marriages to new ones. Those who remarry wanting to avoid this trend could benefit after meeting with a marriage and family counselor.

During marriage counseling sessions, couples are able to freely discuss problems and concerns. Most couples experiencing marriage problems do not freely discuss concerns and have financial problems. Marriage and family counselors attentively listen to each person in a relationship concerns and propose solutions.

Children also suffer emotionally after a divorce. As a result, marriage and family counselors frequently meet with children after their parents get divorced. This can help them immediately as they attempt to cope and strengthen family bonds for the future.

Many state legislatures are creating incentives for struggling couples to seek marriage counseling. This is because many negative consequences result from family breakups. Incentives usually come in the form of state subsidies to pay for counseling. Many states also require couples raising young kids to receive counseling before they can legally end their marriages.

Marriage and family counselors provide a valuable service that benefits not only individual couples and families, but society as well. They help couples recognize their problems and take the necessary steps to enjoy happier marriages. Also, they are of great service to young children who often bottle up their emotions around their parents. Those with an interest in strengthening family relationships should consider pursuing a career as a marriage and family counselor.