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International Job Search Resources

Many great job opportunities exist outside the United States. The following links provide information about jobs located in other countries. Individuals can find jobs with companies unique to specific countries or multinational corporations.

  • 4International Jobs & Careers - available jobs in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and Latin America can be found here.

  • International Jobs - this site contains numerous international development and other job openings for professionals in foreign countries.

  • - users have access to a comprehensive directory of foreign job listings.

  • Jobs Abroad - this site organizes international job postings by category.

  • - contains job listings from American and multinational companies with opportunities in Europe and Canada.

  • - contains job postings from international companies. This site also contains a search feature, so users can narrow their searches.

  • Top Jobs - contains information about job openings throughout Europe and Australia.

  • - this site contains job postings from several sites for jobs available throughout the world. Users can narrow their search by occupation, location, and job level.

  • - contains information about available jobs for those fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. This site enables users to narrow searches.

  • - this site contains information about international job openings.

  • - a unique site that provides users information about job listings in other countries. On the home, page people interested in a job in another country have access to many helpful resources.

  • Joy Jobs - this site contains information about teaching job opportunities in foreign countries.

  • - Overseas - Numerous opportunities exist for American citizens to work for U.S. federal government agencies in locations throughout the world. This site provides information about the various types of jobs available with government agencies in foreign nations.

  • - this site contains job listings from numerous international organizations and agencies.

    For more websites with job openings in foreign countries, we encourage you to visit Google and type in keywords associated with the foreign job that interests you.