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Gerontological Counselor

Elderly people rely heavily on counseling professionals since many struggle with physical disabilities and emotional stress. Many older people meet with gerontological counselors to learn strategies for dealing with problems associated with aging. As a result, these counseling specialists provide a very valuable service for the elderly.

Gerontological counselors are becoming more in demand since the Baby Boomer population is getting older. As the demand gets larger, more counselors or changes within the industry will be required to accommodate it. Likewise, since many Baby Boomers are deciding to work beyond retirement age, many will rely on gerontological counselors to cope with work related stress.

Many older individuals turn to gerontological counselors to cope with age discrimination at work. It is not uncommon for companies to layoff older workers in order to create more job openings for younger workers willing to accept lower wages. Many organizations force older workers to retire at a certain age. Those who struggle with this type of discrimination frequently consult with gerontological counselors.

Research has shown that positive mental outlook contributes to improved physical health. Gerontological counselors have the unique opportunity to teach the elderly how to be more positive through re-motivation and group sessions. This treatment has improved the health and quality of life for many older people who feel that aging is an obstacle to their happiness.

Technological advancements and increased knowledge about human health have not changed the fact that elderly individuals still often rely upon specialized care. This has kept the demand for gerontology counselors high. These specialists provide a valuable service for many older people coping with aging related problems, but more importantly, they have empowered many elderly individuals with the knowledge and ability to make their final years the most rewarding of their lives.