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Geriatric Social Worker

It is estimated that in the near future Americans of retirement age, 65, will increase by 50%. This high rate will necessitate the need for more people working exclusively with the elderly, such as geriatric social workers.

Geriatric social workers assist older people from all walks of life. One thing setting geriatric social workers apart from other social work specialists is that most older people eventually seek the assistance of a social worker. This applies to healthy individuals and those depending on supervised care.

Geriatric social workers frequently collaborate with health specialists. As a result, they must be effective communicators, so their clients receive the best available treatment. However, most social workers spend the majority of their time focusing on the non-health related needs of their clients.

Family members of older adults also frequently rely on the assistance of geriatric social workers. This is especially true when their family members have a lot of needs or require extensive assistance. Since many family members have a difficult time coping when their older loved ones struggle, geriatric social workers are a valuable resource.

The job of a geriatric social worker never becomes dull since each client presents different challenges. It is very satisfying to help someone, so they can enjoy a more fulfilling life. Assisting those who have already heavily contributed to society is also rewarding.