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Farm and Ranch Worker Salary and Wage Information

  Percentile 10% (Low) 50% (Median) 90% (High)
  Hourly Wage $6.49 $9.17 $14.48
  Annual Wage $13,500 $19,100 $30,100
  • "10% (Low)" indicates that 10% of workers earned less and 90% earned more.
  • "50% (Median)" indicates that 50% of workers earned less and 50% earned more.
  • "90% (High)" indicates that 90% of workers earned less and 10% earned more.
  • "N/A" indicates that data is not available
* The annual salary and wage data presented above represents U.S. based workers with full-time employment and year-round schedules.

 Career Description
Farmworkers, Farm and Ranch Animals attend to live animals or to animal products. Their duties may include feeding, watering, grazing, herding, catching, branding, castrating, de-beaking, weighing, and loading animals. They may maintain health or vaccination records on animals and administer medications, vaccinations, or insecticides as appropriate. They also clean and maintain animal housing areas.