Career and Job Search Guide

Engineering Job Search Resources

This page contains top engineering job search resources for aspiring career professionals. If you are searching for a job or career within a specific region we recommend that visiting the jobs by state section of this site.

  • - this site contains listings for jobs around the world in natural resources, forestry, ecology, and biology. There are some fees to utilize certain services.

  • EngineerJob Source - there is no privacy policy on this site, but it is difficult determining personal identities. Users can edit or remove resumes at anytime. Engineering job listings are categorized by state, position, and keywords. Once job seekers create a personal profile, they can sign up for a job agent that will notify them of jobs via e-mail.

  • The Environmental Careers Organization - the sponsoring organization for this site is a non-profit group that prepares people to work as environmental specialists by providing paid internships. These internships are available for students enrolled in college programs at all levels or recent graduates.

  • Environmental Jobs and Careers (eJobs.Org) - this site contains job listings for environmental jobs throughout Canada and the United States. Users can find career resource links, current openings, and details about companies that frequently recruit these type of professionals. There are also links to salary surveys and government provided career resources.

  • Graduating Engineer and Computer Careers - this site was developed to assist recent computer science and engineering graduates find jobs. Valuable resources and information are offered on this site to prepare professionals for job interviews or assist them with applications for graduate school. There is no fee charged to people browsing through job openings on this site.

  • IDEAS Job Network - this site lists CAE, CAM, CAD, and SDRC associated jobs. This site utilizes a software program known as I-DEAS. It enables users to review job listings and contact a company when they find an appealing opportunity.

  • - this site contains urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, engineering, and architectural job postings. There is no fee to review job postings and upload a resume.

  • - engineering job listings can be narrowed by state, industry, or keywords on this site. Users can also upload resumes and search for available job listings. Career resources are free to use on this site based in the UK.

  • - this site contains railroad and engineering job postings. Listings are organized by keyword, region, and specialty. Site users registering can post their CVs and review valuable career resources. There is no fee to search for jobs on this site.

  • - this site is sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE). It contains information about upcoming conventions, education requirements, and training programs. It also contains job listings and valuable links providing career information for chemical engineers.

  • AWWA/Jobs - this site is sponsored by the American Water Works Association. This site was developed for people specializing in drinking water related careers, such as engineers, environmental scientists, and treatment plant specialists. Job searches can be narrowed by industry, specialty, and date posted.

  • - this site contains resources to assist engineers looking for consulting or contracting jobs.

  • - this site contains resources to assist engineers seeking permanent jobs.

  • IEEE - this site contains engineering job listings and valuable resources provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • Pro/E Job Network - this site utilizes software known as Pro/Engineer to assist people looking for job opportunities.

  • UG Job Network - this site utilizes Unigraphics, software designed to assist people seeking job opportunities.