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Community Counselor

According to studies in recent years, just over 10 percent of people living in the United States live in poverty. Poverty can be decreased if adequate services exist to assist poverty stricken individuals and families. Poverty alleviation can often be attributed to community counselors.

There are many actions that community counselors can take to assist people struggling with poverty. However, before solutions can be recommended, community counselors must identify root problems, which can be a difficult task since many people are not very forthcoming about their problems.

Community counselors work closely with the homeless. This is can be challenging since a variety of factors contribute to homelessness. Most homeless individuals are mentally ill who would greatly benefit from treatment in a mental health hospital. They often cannot hold jobs, which frequently results from substance abuse. In fact, since many homeless individuals are addicted to drugs and alcohol, they often spend all the money they earn buying these substances. The community also benefits when resources are available to assist the homeless.

Community counselors heavily rely upon federal government assistance while working with the homelessness and people struggling with poverty. To assist these people, community counselors usually develop assistance programs and submit funding proposals to government officials who determine whether funds are available for the proposed programs. If funding is approved, it now becomes the responsibility of community counselors not only to supervise the programs, but also make sure they are working. They frequently alter programs to improve efficiency. Many community counselors can be found working with schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations setting up and supervising substance abuse prevention programs.

Although it can be difficult to recognize the contributions of community counselors, their work greatly impacts individuals and communities. Community counselors can be extremely helpful to individuals willing to take initiative to improve their lives. Working as a community counselor is a great career for people interested in assisting the homeless and contributing to entire communities.