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Child Welfare Social Worker

Thousands of children are abused daily in the United States. Every week, state Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies are notified of thousands of abuse cases.

As a result of rising levels of child abuse, child protection and welfare agencies are hiring more child welfare social workers to assist abused children.

The work of child welfare social workers has a lasting impact on abused children. Their job duties include developing support programs, lobbying legislatures to pass child protection laws, counseling abused children, and checking up at homes where abuse has been reported.

Efforts are currently being made to get laws passed intended to encourage talented individuals to pursue careers as child welfare social workers. Advocates of this proposed legislation want to encourage more people to pursue careers in social work by getting legislation passed that will provide student loan repayment assistance for people completing social work programs. This would make a career in social work more appealing since social work jobs are usually not very high paying. If social workers are not overly worried about making enough money to repay their students loans, then, in theory, they'll be able to devote more energy to working with abused children.

Efforts are also underway to encourage state legislatures to allocate more money for state CPS agencies. This way, more social workers can be hired, which would make it possible to provide better services for abused children and decrease the workload of current social workers.

Although working with abused children is a very difficult task for any social worker, it is also very rewarding to have the opportunity to assist scared and isolated children. If children are abused for prolonged periods of time, they frequently grow up to be delinquent and violent. However, these problems can be averted if abused children receive the necessary help.