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Carpenter and Carpentry

Carpenters provide a variety of construction services. Carpenters design, build, and install l, and wooden products, such as cabinets and tables. Each project is different, but carpenters usually apply the same steps to each project. Relying on blueprints, carpenters begin a project by conducting a layout, measuring, marking, and organizing materials to comply with building codes. After this step, they begin cutting and shaping their materials using carpentry tools. The next step is to connect materials with nails or adhesives. Finally, carpenters perform quality assurance using tools such as levels, survey equipment, and framing squares, and if necessary, make changes.

Carpenters working with prefabricated materials, for example, wall panels, perform less cutting and layout work since prefabricated materials are engineered for easier installation.

Certain carpenters perform many services while some specialize. Carpenters performing home remodels must possess many skills since during a single project a carpenter could do framing, window and door installation, and build cabinets. These carpenters are very skilled, so they usually accept the best projects in either commercial or residential construction.

Carpenters employed by big construction companies usually have specialized responsibilities, such as preparing scaffolds or structures to pour concrete. Carpenters working for large companies also build bracing for mines and tunnels while others build structures to pour concrete for bridges or sewers. Carpenters not working in construction usually perform repairs. Some carpenter repair doors and furniture while some replace windows and other home fixtures. Carpenters working for manufacturing companies install new equipment.

Work environment. Carpentry can be physically exhausting. Carpenters stand and knell for long periods of time and it is possible to be injured on the job. Most carpenters work indoors, but those working outdoors sometimes work in harsh weather.

Carpenters usually work 40 hour weeks but work long hours when during periods of great demand.