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Career Planning and Development

With so many career options, determining the right one is difficult. How does one decide upon the right career? After one has been selected, what steps must be taken to reach career goals? To answer the aforementioned career questions, it is best to prepare a career plan, an outline detailing the process you will follow to achieve your career goals. We recommend that you review the following websites.
 The Best Career Planning Websites
  • - this site provides career counseling with prominent recruiters, career development strategies, and ideas for developing a career plan.

  • Mapping Your Future - this site provides suggestions for planning your career. It contains the Mapping Your Future 10 Step Guide, a useful resource to use when developing a career plan, determining interests and skills, evaluating career options, and setting reachable goals. This site is highly recommended.

  • Career Planning Guide - this site takes people through the following essential career planning steps: setting goals, evaluating different career options, self evaluation, and other important steps.

  • Center for Career Assessment - this site offers a 10 minute career evaluation test. After the test is completed, a career report is provided free of charge. This assessment can help you find a career suiting your interests and skills, determine your career personality, and identify special abilities and knowledge you possess.
 Other Top Career Planning Websites
  • America's Career InfoNet - this service provides aspiring professionals with strategies for making educated decisions regarding career choices.

  • Career Action Planing - is a online resource which provides individuals with career planning and job searching strategies.

  • - this site provides career seekers with a variety of career preparation resources and help.

  • Job Descriptions - provides details and descriptions of over 13,000 jobs free of charge. Jobs are organized by major categories and subdivided into divisions and groups.