Career and Job Search Guide

Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Job Search Resources

This page contains top biomedical, pharmaceutical and hospital job search resources for aspiring career professionals. If you are searching for a job or career within a specific region we recommend that visiting the jobs by state section of this site.

  • The Agency: Recruiting for Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Executive Jobs - this site permits individuals seeking new jobs to upload their resumes, access helpful resources, and browse through current job postings. There is no fee to use this site.
  • Banner Health - Banner Health is a nonprofit health care provider with its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. There are many career opportunities at their 20 facilities throughout the country.

  • Career Center - this site contains an advanced career search feature for people looking for careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Amgen Career Center - this site contains job postings and permits users to upload their resumes.

  • BioView - this site is designed for people interested in working in pharmacology and biotechnology. Users can upload their resumes, view a calendar of upcoming conventions, browse through listings, and read industry related news. Searches can be narrowed by region, company, and specialty. This site contains a privacy policy.

  • Health - this site contains many healthcare related job posting throughout the United States.

  • Healthcare Job Bank - this site contains a jobs bank for healthcare related jobs. Users can post their CVs on this site.

  • HireHealth - users can upload 5 different types of resumes, sign up for a search agent sent to e-mail accounts, and search for current job postings on this site. Job searches can be narrowed, but users must register on the site before searching for jobs. No privacy policy exists on this site.

  • - this site contains listings for a variety of medical related jobs.

  • Hospital Soup - this site contains job listings at over 6,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. There are also more than 50,000 medical links on this site.

  • Hospital Web - this site contains a list of U.S. hospitals, organized by state, and international hospitals.

  • Icos Career Opportunities - this site contains listings for biopharmaceutical jobs.

  • - this site contains medical related job listing throughout the world. Searches can be narrowed by region, company, and specialty. Users can register to have current job openings sent to their e-mail. There is a privacy policy on this site.

  • Health - this site contains thousands of healthcare related job listings throughout the United States. This site is one of the largest healthcare job listing sites on the web.

  • 4NursingJobs - this site contains a large list of available jobs for nurses. Users can narrow their job search by specialty. It contains links to nursing journals and provides information about state licensing. There is no privacy policy listed on this site, so users should take steps to protect their privacy. However, it only asks for limited contact information.

  • MedZilla - this site is a useful resource for people seeking science medicine, biotechnology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical related jobs. Users are permitted to upload their CVs, sign up for an e-mail service notifying users of new jobs, and search for a variety of jobs. There is no fee to use this site.

  • - this site permits job seekers to search for numerous jobs in the healthcare and biomedical industries.

  • Pharmaceutical Jobs USA - this site contains pharmaceutical and healthcare related job listings.

  • RX Career Center - this site contains job postings for pharmacy technician and pharmacist jobs.