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Army Mental Health Specialist

Troop escalations in warzones and everyday accidents that occur during military service make it necessary to have highly trained mental health specialists to work with service members and their families.

Army Mental Health Specialist specialists are stationed on army bases to treat veterans returning from overseas conflicts and in warzones to assist soldiers currently involved in combat. These specialists are just as vital as any member of the Army to successfully completion of a mission since soldiers unable to cope with mental duress and poor morale can be major impediments to any military operation.

According to Army representatives, the Army is always in need of qualified mental health specialists, especially when troops are in harm's way.

Army Mental Health Specialist specialists are becoming increasingly important since more is known about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and it is not infrequent for a soldier to be deployed multiple times.

Likewise, since veterans have a high suicide rate, Army Mental Health Specialist specialists work with veterans struggling with suicidal thoughts. They also organize suicide prevention programs.

Mental health specialists stationed with soldiers in warzones instruct them about effective mental duress reduction strategies. Since soldiers are often stationed in remote regions away from large bases, many Army Mental Health Specialist specialists travel and live with them. As a result, they often must work in dangerous and remote areas.

Army Mental Health Specialist specialists who do not want to work in combat zones can find plenty of job opportunities in military and veterans hospitals, as well as Army bases. Some collect data and conduct research to offer better treatment in the future. Many Army Mental Health Specialist specialists conduct personality profile tests to determine whether certain service members are well suited for certain assignments.

Army Mental Health Specialist specialists also work in substance abuse, Army correctional, and mental health facilities. Specialists with extensive experience and graduate degrees usually have more responsibilities.

Those interested in a career as an Army Mental Health Specialist specialist will be trained by the Army. Specialists will find numerous opportunities in mental health clinics and hospitals if they decide to retire from the Army.

People who want to work closely with members of the military and veterans should consider pursuing a career as an Army Mental Health Specialist specialist. Those returning from combat need the assistance of caring and trained professionals since the psychological scars they return with usually stay with them their entire lives.