Qualities of Top Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Professionals

    Learn the qualities and attributes that make law enforcement and criminal justice professionals among the best of the best.
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The 5 Most Popular Careers
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    Explore the 5 most popular careers in criminal justice based on total number of professionals employed in each field and new job opportunities.
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The Benefits of a Career in Law Enforcement

    Top careers share some common characteristics. However, law enforcement and criminal justice offer few benefits not readily found in other careers.
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Careers in Law Firms

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Criminal Justice Careers by Field

The terms criminal justice and criminology are often used interchangeably, but the two fields are different. Criminology explores the anatomy of crime and criminal behavior, includig its causes, consequences and costs. Criminal justice, refers specifically to the societal system(s) established to deal with crime, with focus on the detection of crime, detaining of criminals, and criminal prosecution and punishment. There are three main components of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Students pursuing career opportunities in criminal justice will have the opportunity to study the different components of criminal justice system. Students pursuing a career as criminologist, will study the backgrounds, psychology, behavioral patterns and sociological trends of criminals. While both fields are different, criminologists and criminal justice professionals work together to fight the criminal element.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice are diverse career fields--providing hundreds of exciting job opportunities both domestic and abroad. The first step to launching a successful career in law enforcement is to explore the different career options available. Below you can explore a large variety of criminal justice jobs organized by category.


Criminology is the study of the anatomy of a crime, specifically its causes, consequences and costs.


Courts & Judicial System
The primary purpose of the courts is to determine the guilt or innocence of suspected criminals and pass sentencing.


Corrections & Rehabilitation
The U.S. corrections system is responsible for enforcing punishments and carrying out sentencing as mandated by the courts. The corrections system is made up of incarceration, probation and parole.
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