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Mediator Hiring an attorney to resolve a conflict can be very expensive. However, hiring a mediator can be a less expensive, lower conflict solution to resolving a divorce, discrimination claim, or a conflict with a public school.

Mediators do not decide which party is right or wrong; rather, mediators lead a discussion between the parties to come to a fair agreement between parties. Being a mediator can be a satisfying career since they spend their days resolving problems. However, securing a mediation job can be difficult. There are more applicants than available jobs since interested individuals can qualify after completing a 30-40 hour training program.

Since there are so many mediators on the market, many begin their careers earning low wages until they develop a client base. Until they develop a clientele, mediators can seek referrals by creating a website, blogging, writing articles, or get respected people to endorse them. During economic downturns, mediation services are in greater demand since businesses and individuals will seek less expensive services to resolve disputes.

Trustworthy individuals who can develop creative solutions, calm angry clients, and are willing to market themselves and network, are good mediator candidates.

Salary Data

Median (8 years of experience): $68,000

25-75 percentile (8 years or more of experience): $42,700-116,000