Career and Job Search Guide

Interview Preparation

Interviews are very important since employers interview candidates to determine whether they should be hired. An interview provides you an opportunity to learn more about the company.

Job interviews and informational interviews are the two main types of interviews. Although the strategies for performing well at these interviews differ, you must prepare for either type of interview.

Learn about the company and position before you are interviewed from the following sources:
  • Job descriptions
  • Company brochures
  • Annual business reports
  • Trade periodicals
  • Manufacturers' guides
  • Union representatives
  • School placement offices
  • Local and state employment agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Professional organizations
  • Current employees
Learning more about a company will help you effectively answer interview questions and match your skills to the company or position. To successful match your skills with what a potential employer is looking for, try this exercise:
    Step 1 - Divide a piece of paper in half by drawing a line down the middle.
    Step 2 - On one side, list specific skills, experience and abilities needed by the employer.
    Step 3 - On the other side, write down your qualifications that meet each requirement.
    Step 4 - Draw lines from each employers need to your matching qualification.
    Step 5 - Identify weaknesses by highlighting any areas where you do not have a matching qualification.
    Step 6 - At the bottom of the page, write down how you will develop the skills you lack. Or, list the other skills you have that compensate for your weaknesses.
This exercise will help you indentify skills employers are seeking. Demonstrating how your skills match an employer's needs will show how serious you are about the position or company.