Career and Job Search Guide

Summary Statement

Write a summary statement to demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate. The summary statement emphasizes your past accomplishments and highlights the professional skills that make you stand out from other candidates. You have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Use action verbs and keywords to impress the person reviewing your resume. The summary is optional and can be used instead of a career objective. However, develop a career summary even if it is not placed on your resume. As with the career objective, a summary statement narrows the focus of your resume. Your resume's specifics should reflect your summary.

Highlight yourself ... a summary statement may include:
  • Your job title or position
  • Your areas of expertise
  • Your skills
  • Your professional characteristics
  • A short career objective
Before you write a summary statement, conduct some research. Find answers to the following questions: What is your potential employer looking for in a candidate? How will your special skills and talents benefit the company? Why are you an ideal candidate?