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Locksmith / Security System Technician

Security System Technician Being locked out of a building or vehicle is a terrible feeling. However, locksmiths and security system technicians assist people locked out of their home or vehicles, as well as install new locks and security equipment after a house has been broken into.

Locksmiths not only install and repair locks, they also specialize in electronic lock equipment, for example, transponders used to unlock car doors electronically. Security system technicians install state of the art biometric (fingerprint or iris) scanning equipment, closed circuit video cameras, and fire and alarm systems in homes and businesses.

The training required to begin a career as a locksmith or security system technician is usually short. Candidates should have good vision and depth perception, as well as being able to work with one's hands. Candidates should possess basic electrical, welding, and carpentry skills.

Salary Data

Median (8 years of experience): $43,600

25-75 percentile (8 or more years of experience): $37,500-55,300


Most locksmiths and security system technicians learn their trade by gaining work experience, supervised by a master locksmith.