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School Psychologist

School Psychologist The job outlook for school psychologists should be good in the future. Many psychologists are entering retiring ages, and with special emphasis placed on special education programs, school psychologists will be in demand. The media has reported on many of the problems school psychologists deal with such as school violence, bullying, hyperactive children, and autistic students.

Working as a school psychologist can be very rewarding. Most psychologists work 9 months a year and have job security. Psychologists also get to counsel students, parents, and teachers. They spend the majority of their time writing education plans and assessing students for special education programs.

Perhaps a school psychologist's most difficult challenge is persuading already overburdened teachers to provide individualized instruction for disabled students. Special needs students, in many circumstances, are now included in regular classroom instruction.

Salary Data

Median (8 years of experience): $62,600

25-75 percentile (8 years or more of experience): $53,700-80,100


In most states, school psychologists must earn a 3 year postgraduate specialist degree (Ed.S), or candidates with a doctorate (5 to 7 years) will have an advantage over the competition.