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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Occupational therapists assist disabled or injured people learn or relearn the basic skills necessary for a normal life the majority of people take for granted. Their goal is to help people become as independent as possible from outside help. Nearly 30 percent of occupational therapists work with autistic children in schools. The majority of occupational therapists meet patients in their homes or work in hospitals.

Occupational therapists work with elderly people, so they can stay in their homes without assistance. They can teach elderly people how to use technology such as robots deigned to climb chairs and retrieve objects or computer programs that help Alzheimer's patients with their memory, and teach elderly patients basic processes to enjoy a normal life such as teaching stroke patients how to feed themselves. Occupational therapy is a challenging career that requires creative and practical people.

Salary Data

Median (8 years of experience): $63,800

25-75 percentile (8 years or more of experience): $58,000-77,700


Candidates must earn a master's degree to practice occupational therapy.