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The Nebraska unemployment benefits program is designed and intended to provide recently unemployed workers with temporary financial relief and compensation. However, to receive unemployment benefits certain eligibility requirements must be met. While unemployment insurance benefits must meet federal guidelines, each state, including Nebraska, through the division of Nebraska Workforce Development, administers its own unemployment insurance program.

The unemployment benefits provided through Nebraska Workforce Development difffer from those offered by others states. Each state uses its own formula and regulations to calculate unemployment compensation.

The duration of unemployment benefits will also vary from state to state.

Eligibility Requirements for Nebraska Unemployment Benefits
The following are the basic elegibility requirements for receiving unemployment compensation in the state of Nebraska:

  • Recipients of unemployment benefits must have been employed. According to the department of Nebraska Workforce Development, to qualify for unemployment benefits workers must have worked for an established period of time referred to as the "base period".
  • Unemployment benefit recipients must also show that they became unemployed through no fault of their own as defined by Nebraska law.
  • Unemployment benefit recipients must prove continuing eligibility. Ongoing claims must be filed and ongoing proof of eligibility must be provided. Any earnings from work performed, job offers received or refusal of job offers must be submitted during each claim period.

To learn more about Nebraska Unemployment Insurance benefits visit the Nebraska Workforce Development website or for complete details call the Nebraska Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance services directly at (308) 865-5419.

Filing for Unemployment Benefits in Nebraska
The following are some helpful tips for filling out and filing your unemployment claim:

  • To get started, gather the vital information you'll need to file a correct and complete unemployment claim. This will include the names of your employers, addresses, and dates of employment. You can find most, if not all, of this information on past paystubs or W2s.
  • Now you need to come up with written proof that it's not your fault you're unemployed. Notifications of termination, layoff, or even documentation of severance pay will work.

Your Unemployment Benefit Check
So you probably want to know how much your can expect to receive in your unemployment benefit check. Well, it depends on how much money you earned during the base period. In general, Nebraska Unemployment Benefits ranges from $30 to $300. However, unemployment benefits are subject to Federal income taxes, so you'll need to consider this in your budgeting. To make it easier, you can choose to have income taxes withheld from your unemployment check.

How soon can you expect to receive your first benefit check? On average, it takes two to three weeks to receive your benefit check from the time you file your unemployment claim. We recommend chekcing with the Nebraska state unemployent offices to confirm.

How long to unemployment benefits last? Unemployment benefits in the state of Nebraska typically last from 14 to 26 weeks, but when unemployment is really high–as it was during the recession of 2006–benefits may be extended for longer durations.

Filing in Other States
If you've worked outside of Nebraska or lived in another state for any length of time, you may need to determine in which state to file your claim for unemployment benefits.

Nebraska Unemployment Benefit Resources
General Information about the Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Program is available at:

To file an unemployment insurance claim over the Internet click on:

To file a claim by telephone number:

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