Career and Job Search Guide

Is the Job Right for You?

Experts usually recommend waiting for a brief period of time before accepting a job offer, even if you intend to accept it. Express interest and appreciation for the job offer and ask additional questions, but ask for at least an additional day to consider the offer.

Consider the following factors before accepting an offer:
  • Responsibilities
  • Work environment
  • Wage or salary
  • Insurance benefits (medical, dental, life, and disability)
  • Medical and other pre-tax benefits
  • Retirement plan options Sick and vacation leave
  • Profit sharing or stock options
  • Child care needs
  • Parking or transportation
  • Flexible scheduling
Do not hesitate to ask employers for additional benefits or flexibility, but do not submit a list of demands. Many employers may want to facilitate your wishes but are unable to.

After you have contemplated the offer, make your decision, and immediately notify the person making the offer. If you accept the offer, get it in writing to protect yourself. If you turn down the job, act professionally since you might encounter that company in the future.