Career and Job Search Guide

Job Interview Checklist

Be sure to bring the following with you on your interview day:

  Employer Research - Bring any notes on your research about the job and company.
  Questions - Prepare key questions to ask that demonstrate your interest in the position.
  Resume, application, and personal data sheet - Use these as references during your interview or to refer to information you might need if you are asked to fill out paperwork.
  Portfolio and work samples - Bring a few samples that demonstrate your best work and talents.
  Letters of recommendation and reference list - Have letters of recommendation available if requested by the employer.
  Notebook and pen - Write down key points you'd like to address in a follow-up note or phone call.
  Social security card, driver's license, or state picture identification - Some jobs require that you show your driver's license, a copy of your driving record, social security card, or other forms of identification.
  Extra money - Be prepared for unexpected expenses, like gas, transportation, or parking.
  Confidence and a smile - Place here.
  Employer Research - Interviews can be stressful so relax, be confident, and smile!