Career and Job Search Guide

Improve Your Resume

You will need to constantly revise your resume as you seek new jobs, change careers, and experience major life changes. Revising your resume can be difficult, so consider these tips: Hit your target
Do not reuse an old resume because you were successful finding a job in the past. Design your resume to target a specific position or employer. Take details from job descriptions, employer research, industry profiles, and information learned through networking and match your abilities to what the employer is looking for.

Capture the buzz
Use keywords at the beginning of your resume to capture an employer's attention. Keywords include skills, job titles, degrees earned, and vocational buzzwords. Using keywords is very important when publishing your resume online. Use the Tools and Technology report to find terms and buzzwords that can be highlighted in your resume.

Focus on the positive
If any of the following situations apply to you, use these strategies to positively emphasize your experience.
  • Changing careers: Highlight the skills that you can utilize in another career.
  • Limited experience: Emphasize skills you developed from volunteering, extracurricular activities, internships, and skills learned in school.
  • Criminal record: Do not include your criminal record on your resume, but report it in your application. Emphasize any training you have received or experience you have acquired related to your career goal. If you have a criminal record, a functional resume style may be best for you.
  • Gaps in Employment: Highlight your qualifications at the top of your resume and de-emphasize employment dates.